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Blue Flowers

Mina R.

"...Cari is a truly Sweet Soul. I trust her completely. She is a sincere gifted healer."


Jay A.

"...During the session I had never felt so elevated and anxiety free. Which is rare for me...The craziest part of the report was that she drew a straight of picture of my dad. She hadn't and still hasn't ever met my father."

Blue Flowers

Delaney W.

"Cari is a beautiful soul. I highly recommend reaching out to her. She helped me out to me in my time of need and has stayed with me through my struggles. I cherish her gift and am so happy that the universe connected us. She really just wanted to help me. She did a reiki session and a card reading."


Chelsea M.

"Cari is wonderful. She is attentive and with the pandemic the virtual sessions make it possible for relief at home. I cannot wait to book the next session!"

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