As a child, I had a hard time understanding why I saw and understood the world differently than everyone in my then-tiny life. Trying to explain to adults that I was old and to treat me as though I was old must have made me sound like I had lost my marbles (I could remember bits of my past lives) to my family...but I felt every shift, every ounce of emotion, and I couldn't tell if it was directed at me, or at someone else. I’m merely expressing how MUCH I felt and with an intensity that confused my young brain. The emotions came like tidal waves from every direction around me at all times and I couldn’t tell them from my own.

Then, one day it occurred to me.


I am an empath.


Finally having a word to describe everything that I had experienced literally changed my life. It brought not only answers, but solutions. I learned that in addition to being an empath, I am a strong intuitive and spiritual workings pulled at me so strongly that I knew if I didn’t follow this path, something inside of me would disappear. 


Meet Cari

Flash forward about 25 years and countless hours of studying and exploring different modalities to see which spoke to me the most, I am living my true path. Although I have explored many different sects, one constant was that I need to bring healing and peace to as many people as I can in this life.  As a Usui Ryoho Reiki Grand Master, Karuna Ki Master, Angelic Healer, Kundalini Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot Reader I am finally able to do so in a way that I feel confident in. Combining these modalities works in many ways but the biggest of all, they allow me to connect energetically with my clients on a deeper level so I may better serve their highest good. 


I want to thank you for being a part of it.


In light and love,